Public Spaces

A collection of revitalised public spaces, South Eveleigh, the centre of the community
which surrounds it.


Signage has been installed to ensure physical distancing is adhered to with regular cleaning being undertaking. We have also provided hand sanitiser close to equipment and encourage regular use.


South Eveleigh is for everyone.

We invite you to use this generous, inclusive and permeable place. Enjoy revamped public spaces, improved sports and recreation facilities, new play areas and community facilities.

Eveleigh Green 

Eveleigh Green (previously the Vice Chancellor’s Oval) is an active recreational space, located adjacent to the Community Building. Suitable for all ages, Eveleigh Green provides kick-about lawn areas, playground equipment and space for sports and events.

Innovation Plaza

Innovation Plaza is a great spot to sit and enjoy the sun, located between the Locomotive Workshop and the National Innovation Centre. The Plaza provides as the main pedestrian path to and from Redfern Station.

Whether you fancy working, eating or playing outside - Innovation Plaza caters to all - fully equipped with seating, dining tables and ping pong tables.

Please note: Ping pong paddles can be collected from the Security Office located on Mitchell Parade (directly opposite Data61 entrance). 

Sport and Recreation

South Eveleigh strives to improve the well-being of the community, housing an outdoor gym, scooter-skate park and a selection of three sports courts (futsal, tennis and mixed-use).

Known as the Wellness Precinct, this area is adjacent to Henderson Road and the Axle building.  The revitalised multi-purpose sports courts (tennis and basketball/futsal) are open to the community, workers and residents.

The Wellness Precinct and Eveleigh Green aim to encourage the community in, providing fixed equipment, a scooter and skate area, bike racks and drinking fountains, establishing it as a multi-faceted sports precinct.

Eveleigh Green will be the community heart of the area, providing a primary active recreation space, formal and informal play spaces for a range of ages, a large lawn area space for events and sports. Its mature tree canopy, protected and enhanced by additional plantings will provide a green and welcoming frame to the area.

To book a sports court, click here.

Village Square 

Village Square, with the magnificent Interchange Pavilion artwork, is a flexible space suitable for outdoor working, meetings and gatherings, or for sitting and enjoying lunch, providing both shaded and open grass areas. 

The Entry Garden

The Entry Garden is the gateway to South Eveleigh, frequented by commuters from Redfern Station, as well as cyclists, it provides a direct pathway into the South Eveleigh precinct.

This elevated garden provides an abundance of space for visitors to relax, work and to enjoy a range of events from. The heritage water tower situated at the garden gives visitors the first clue of the rich history of the site. 

Please note: to ensure a comfortable entry experience for all, there is a lift and accessible ramp located at the Entry Garden. This is just a short walk down from Redfern station on the corner of Cornwallis street.

Community Building

The Community Building is fitted with a café & yoga studio, gym, public toilets and a native Rooftop farm. Please note, public toilets are accessible every day from 9am to 5pm. Entrance to the toilets is next door to the Egg of The Universe Yoga studio's.