Construction & Development Updates

A valued and unique heritage

The Locomotive Workshop building is listed, along with all its machinery collection, on the NSW State Heritage Register. The entire site is also included as part of the Eveleigh Railway Workshops listing on the NSW State Heritage Register.

The machinery collection is predominantly housed in static displays in Bays 1 and 2 as well as a small number of other locations throughout the remainder of the Locomotive Workshop.

The revitalisation plan,

Our carefully considered plans to revitalise the iconic Locomotive Workshop will deliver a unique cultural and innovation hub for Sydney, preserving and celebrating this magnificent history whilst making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Our submission for the sensitive conversion and adaptive re-use of the Locomotive Workshop has been approved by the Independent Planning Commission NSW through the submission of two SSDAs. These relate to the Eastern portion (Bays 1-4a) and the Western portion (Bays 5-13 and 15) with delivery now well underway.

Managing the movable heritage collection,

A draft management plan for the Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop machinery collection has been prepared for South Eveleigh in conjunction with an audit of our collection. Links to these documents are listed below:

Heritage Interpretation Strategy

Please find a link to Mirvac's latest Heritage Interpretation Strategy for South Eveleigh as of November 2016.

Locomotive Workshop - Stage 2 Heritage Interpretation Plan was recently approved on 6th September 2019. Relevant documents are listed below:

Site-specific, non-standard exemptions from the Heritage Act 1977

In 2015 the NSW Minister for Heritage granted South Eveleigh site-specific exemptions from approvals required under section 57 (1) of the Heritage Act 1977. Read more in NSW Government Gazette No. 22 - Government Notices.

SSDA8517 - Retail

1. SSDA 8449 RFI Response
2. Construction Pedestrian Traffic Management Plan
3. Green Travel Plan
4. Locomotive Workshop Construction Program
5. Blacksmith Operational Plan of Management
6. ATP Conservation Management Plan (CMP)
7. ATP Remedial Action Plan
8. Compliance Monitoring & Reporting Program
9. Construction Noise Vibration Management Plan
10. Heritage Asset Management Strategy 201302018 (HAMS)
11. Independent Audit Program
12. Stamped Development Plan
13. Locomotive Workshop – Public Domain Response to Submissions
14. Public Domain Response to Submission Rev1
15. Pre-construction Compliance Report
16. Moveable Collection Management Plan
17. Waste Management Plan
18. Air Quality Management Plan
19. Locomotive Workshop REMP
20. Site Plan
21. Site Retail Plan
22. Existing Demolition Plan – Ground Floor
23. Existing Demolition Plan – First Floor
24. Existing Demolition Plan – Second Floor
25. Existing Demolition Plan – Roof
26. Existing Elevations
27. Demolition Elevations
28. Existing Sections
29. Demolition Sections
30. Proposed Plan – Ground Floor
31. Proposed Plan – First Floor
32. Proposed Elevations
33. Proposed Sections
34. GFA Plans
35. Signage Elevations
36. Travelator Excavation Extent
37. Travelator Plans
38. Travelator Sections
39. Proposed Perm Land Use Plan – Ground Floor
40. Proposed Perm Land Use Plan – First Floor
41. Proposed Temp Land Use Plan – Ground Floor
42. Proposed Temp Land Use Plan – First Floor
43. Development Consent
44. RTS Report
45. Environmental Impact Statement
46. Stage 1 Heritage Interpretation Strategy
47. Addendum Stage 1 Heritage Interpretation Strategy
48. Attachment A - SSD 8517 and SSD 8449 Updated Community Communications Strategy 28 March 2019
49. SSD 8517 MOD 2 Signed Consent

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