Yerrabingin House

Celebrating Aboriginal Culture through Community Engagement

Mirvac and their partners vision for South Eveleigh includes the creation and implementation of a unique and authentic cultural heritage experience brought to life through its partnership with Yerrabingin.

Founded in 2018 by Clarence Slockee and Christian Hampson, Yerrabingin is a visionary start-up that seeks to disrupt conventional approaches to ending Aboriginal disadvantage and create intergenerational capital for future generations to thrive. Bringing together over 30 years of experience within the Aboriginal and eco-tourism sector, Yerrabingin will develop a world leading, multi-layered heritage experience within the South Eveleigh precinct.

Yerrbingin will deliver two projects that interweave tacit, knowledge and collaborative design thinking into the new public domain. These projects will offer the South Eveleigh community and visitors cultural and environmental knowledge from the oldest living culture in the world.

Once complete, the two projects, which include a world-first Indigenous rooftop farm and a cultural community garden, will be one of only a few sites in Australia to offer an array of compelling engagement and educational experiences focused on celebrating and remembering Aboriginal culture.

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