Locomotive Workshop

The adaptive re-use of the Locomotive Workshop

As the heart of the Eveleigh Railway enterprise, The Locomotive Workshop remain one of Australia's most unique and valued heritage sites due to it's major contribution towards the establishment, operation and growth of the NSW railway and the greater development of NSW from the 19th century onwards. 

As South Eveleigh is reimagined for the future, our carefully considered plans for the adaptive re-use of the Locomotive Workshop will deliver a unique cultural and innovation hub for Sydney that will preserve and celebrate its' rich history whilst making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Architecturally striking inside and out, the space features a suspended steel mezzanine floor which offers unique horizontal and vertical lines of sight. These complement the building's generous voids, further emphasising the character of this fascinating heritage structure.

Our revitalisation plans will enable a collection of truly unique bespoke workplaces. Through modern design and technology in conjunction with the unique historical backdrop of South Eveleigh, the Locomotive Workshop will deliver a fully modernised, light filled workplace designed to inspire collaboration and creativity. 

Learn more about about heritage conservation plans HERE

Beyond nine to five, a leading smart neighbourhood

Pioneering new standards, the urban regeneration project will make South Eveleigh one of Australia’s leading smart neighbourhoods. 

The Locomotive Workshop will soon be home to al fresco diners, pop up events, a health and fitness club and a supermarket. A variety of indoor and outdoor spaces designed to inspire, engage and excite - a place for all.

Learn more about leasing opportunities  HERE 

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