Community Liaison Group

The development at South Eveleigh as seen the establishment of a Community Liaison Group that meets regularly throughout the construction period. This Group acts as a forum for providing information about the type and timing of construction works. It also ensures the community has a direct line of contact to the project team to ask questions and raise issues and concerns as they arise.

The Community Liaison Group draws members comprising representatives of potentially affected properties, including local residents, businesses, the Alexandra Child Care Centre and individuals from within the local community who have a demonstrable interest in the project.

Meeting Location

Mirvac Offices
Level 1
2 Davy Road
Eveleigh NSW 2015

Previous Meeting Summaries

2019: Meeting 23 | Meeting 22

2018: Meeting 21 | Meeting 19 | Meeting 18 | Meeting 17 | Meeting 16 | Meeting 15 | Meeting 14 | Meeting 13

2017: Meeting 12 | Meeting 11 | Meeting 10 | Meeting 9 | Meeting 8 | Meeting 7 | Meeting 6 | Meeting 5 | Meeting 4 | Meeting 3 | Meeting 2 | Meeting 1

For all other enquiries, please call +61 2 9080 8125 or email


For all other enquiries, please call +61 2 9080 8125 or email

Joining the Community Liaison Group

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Community Liaison Group (CLG), please provide a written submission to the project team of up to 200 words including:

  • Why you have a demonstrable interest in the project and are best placed to represent community interests
  • How you will act as a conduit for project information with your community or organisation
  • Any representative groups or bodies you are part of; and
  • Any relevant interests or associations you may have (including links to Mirvac, its partners or the anchor tenant CBA).

To lodge your Expression Of Interest or for any further enquiries, please contact:

P: +61 2 9080 8125

Please read the Terms of Reference document.